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Slip Goods : CDs : Surprise Me Mr Davis EP (2005)

 Surprise Me Mr. Davis ventured into The Breakglass Studio in Montreal for a five-day recording blitzkrieg in early September. Taking a pure analog approach, the group tracked some of their favorite songs from the last couple years as well as a few new ones. The album is a supercharged electro-folk album with many a tender moment. Only in Montreal EP is a limited edition cd, which features five tracks from this recording session as well as a live version of the SMMD classic, "Fat King of Gods," and a bonus demo version of the new fav "Rise and Shine, Sleepyhead."

Price: $12.00

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For the unacquainted, Surprise Me Mr. Davis is the alter ego-trip consisting of The Slip with their good friend, songwriter and singer Nathan Moore. SMMD was born out of a perfectly timed blizzard in Boston that allowed The Slip and Nathan to record a studio album. They all then toured in early 2004, which was documented by a live release from Philadelphia.

Track List:
1) Everything Must Go (Download)
2) Poor Boy
3) How Stupid I Am
4) I Hate Love
5) As Long As There's One of Us Still Standing
6) Fat King of Gods (live)
7) Sleepy Head (Demo)

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