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Slip Goods : CDs : Surprise Me Mr. Davis

 Frogville Records presents The Slip with Nathan Moore, Aimee Curl, Jim and Bill Palmer, Daniel Moore and assorted friends.

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Last winter, when Nathan was visiting The Slip in Boston, the largest snow storm since '78 hit. They were all trapped. With little more than food from the convenience store on the corner to survive on, they began playing with the new recording software on the Barr's home computer. "Surprise me," became a catch phrase that week whenever someone would get that glimmer in the eye and disappear into the headphones. If anyone asked, "what should I play," the ineveitable answer was "Surprise me!" Toward the end of the week, Nathan received a message on his cell phone from the enchanting voice of a sweet older lady with a thick accent saying, "O' you're having fun with that recording! Well I guess you guys are snowed in, I bet you're drinking a lot of hot chocolate....have a nice day." It was a wrong number. She had called someone named Mister Davis.

Surprise Me Mr. Davis performs a dozen songs, including Back in Fifteen Minutes, Ambrosia Drunk, Poor Boy, Mardi Gras (download mp3), and other original tunes like "Snowed In" (download mp3).

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